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Introduction. Not a single deformity, but rather a complex deformity of the first ray. often accompanied by deformities and symptoms in lesser toe; two forms exist. adult hallux valgus; adolescent 70% of pts with hallux valgus have family .Jul 18, 2016 Since its inception, the Reverdin procedure has undergone many variations and modifications, including the addition of lateral releases and proximal osteotomies, in an effort to address deformity. Indeed, more than 100 procedures have been developed for the correction of hallux valgus. However, many .

Foot Ankle Int. 2000 Aug;21(8):651-6. Precise anatomic configuration changes in the first ray of the hallux valgus foot. Tanaka Y(1), Takakura Y, Sugimoto K, Kumai T, Sakamoto T, Kadono K. Author information: (1)Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Nara Medical University, Kashihara, Japan. yatanaka@naramed-u.ac.jp.Oct 20, 2013 A trained examiner performed a validated physical examination on participants' feet and recorded the presence of hallux valgus and other specific foot disorders. Each foot was classified into one of four mutually exclusive groups based on the foot examination. Foot groups were:.

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