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Early results of the modified Peterson bunion procedure for adolescent hallux valgus. Aronson J(1), Nguyen LL, Excellent results have been reported with a double osteotomy of the first metatarsal fixed with a 3/16" transarticular pin. The present study operation) to 6 degrees. No patient has requested plate removal.With Hallux Valgus the problem is lateral deviation of the great toe. dosage instructions and side effects. In an elderly patient in whom an operation.

PURPOSE: Aim of this retrospective study was to analyse the long term results (10-16 years) after Keller-Brandes' operation for correction of hallux valgus in the younger patient. METHODS: From 1980 to 1986 fifty-one patients (77 feet) at the age of 40 years or younger at the time of surgery (19-40 years, [symbol: see text] .One experienced foot surgeon operated on all 20 patients. All patients were female and they all had a hallux valgus deformity. Indication for operation was clear: The patients had consistent pain because of a big toe deformity. X-rays showed a malposition of the first metatarsal joint without arthrosis. And most important: the .

With hallux valgus, Hallux valgus: Conservative treatment or surgery? This eliminates the need for follow-up surgery to remove the screws.Rehabilitation after hallux valgus surgery: importance of physical therapy to restore weight bearing of the first ray during the stance phase.

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Hallux valgus: A minimally invasive surgery corrects Long-term effects of hallux valgus often Follow-up surgery for hallux valgus surgery to remove.Although more than 1500 publications on hallux valgus can be found in the current literature, none of them have reported on the course of pain resolution after hallux valgus surgery. Thus, this study aimed to investigate pain resolution after hallux valgus surgery and to identify predictive factors associated with residual pain .