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Mar 26, 2013 Central calcaneal osteotomy for correction of flexible pes planovalgus deformity. Klaue K(1), Kaliyaperumal K, Swanson.Jun 20, 2012 Pes planovalgus is the most common foot deformity in all ages of children with n number of feet, % percentage within the surgery group.A flat foot is when the plantar arch is completely collapsed. Usually hereditary in nature, this foot type can be problematic in the short and long term.Orthop Clin North Am 41(4): 579-. 593. Clinical decision BACKGROUND: In children with cerebral palsy, planovalgus deformity of the foot is common. The aim .Chicago Podiatric Surgeons is dedicated to providing the best possible podiatric care for your patients. this care includes answering patient questions and .

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